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Brand new boxed Mocle 3 in 1 farm garden
Brand new boxed Mocle 3 in 1 farm garden

Brand new boxed Mocle 3 in 1 farm garden

The Mocle Farm is a 3 in 1 product: a desklamp, an aquarium and a plant pot. The main concept is growing herbs and plants and this device is excellent for that purpose. With the control panel you select what you want to grow, and the device controls light and water supply so you don’t have to worry about this. Also, when you need to ad water or nutrients, the device will remind you. A great benefit of the Mocle Farm is that you can use your own seeds and the repeat products are cheaply and readily available. In short, the Mocle Farm does everything the AeroGarden does. If you want to purchase a Mocle Farm, you will receive a transparent container. The former is great for keeping fish or monitoring root development. Once installed, the Mocle Farm measures 410 mm x 300 mm x 620 mm (460mm when the hood is all the way down). Both lights use 26 Watt each which makes the whole device use less that 60 Watt – including the pump. Once you receive a Mocle Farm you can get going straight away as you will also receive the following: 2 growlamps 7 cups 7 bio domes nutrients

12 days ago

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Brand new boxed Mocle 3 in 1 farm garden in Leicester

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